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Privacy Policy

Welcome to privacy policy of VIJAY HELP
Please Read carefully 

what We write, share and update on our website and to use our website please read our term and condition

If you are the well you will visit our website then you will have to follow and read our term and condition.

If you do not follow our privacy policy and terms and condition then you should block and terminated from our website.

What information we post and share on our website

In our website we share educational, informational type content to aware all the things happen around us.

What we can do for you ?
  1. The information we post on a website and provided through our website if you feel any query about our content and information, then you can comment and contact through our email on
  2. If you want to give any suggestion to our website and to improve our website then you can directly contact to our email address.

Term and condition to being a part of

  1. Do not comment unnecessarily on in comment section.
  2. In our website if you feel any query about our information and any information related to our website and content then you comment freely.
  3. Please Do not use vulgar language during comment.
  4. Please Do not miss behave with our visitors and owner of website.
  5. Be politely and reasonable with our visitors and owner.
Third party link
  1. Without our permission you cannot share any link of other website, if without any reason you post any link of other website in our comment box then your comment will be unapproved and and can be removed. And your comment will not be published.
  2. Our website is designed on WordPress platform So our privacy policy as well as WordPress privacy policy is applicable here.
What we can do if you Violating privacy policy
  1. If you spam comment in our  comment box then your will deleted.
  2. You will be  blocked on VIJAY HELP.
  3. Once you blocked you will not able to access our website information anymore.
  4. Our site uses cookies which is saved in your Browser if you enable this. and it can be used for future prospect.
Privacy policy changes

Yes ! we can change Policy anytime.

Term and conditions:

We hope you will definitely follow  our term and condition of privacy policy

All Right Reserved @ VIJAY HELP

We have  all right to block comment, delete spam and any unlawful activities and we hope you will Follow privacy policy of term and condition of our website during visiting.

Contact us :

Feel free to contact regarding our privacy policy given above by visiting contact us page and you can message email.