10. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson became the first black women to server as a supreme court judge.

,Photo Credit: J Martien

9. Michaela Jae Rodriguez

Michaela Jae Rodriguez win the best award actress in a television show name “pose”.

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8. Zara Rutherford

Zara Rutherford became the youngest women to fly solo around the world at the age of 19.

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7.Erin Jackson

Erin Jackson won the gold medal in Beijing in February in Olympics it is the 1st black women to win the winter Olympics.

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6. Suzzane schulting

Speed skater Suzzane schulting made a a record in the woman’s 1000 meter short track and won the gold medal.

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5 Irean Wust

Speed skater irean wust became the first Netherlands athlete to win an individual GOLD medal at 5 different Olympics.

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4. Claudia pechstein

German speed skater Claudia pechstein made a record fro the oldest women to win the gold, silver and two bronze in the 8 olympics in the age of 49 years and3 48 days

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3 Hannah Green

An Australian golfer Hannah Green become the first women to win a mixed gender professional golf tournament.

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2. Ariana DeBose

Ariana Debose become the first openly queer women of color and first Afro-Latin actress to win SAG Award.

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1. Billie Elish

Billie Elishwin an Oscar for best original song and creating her 1st academy Award who born in 21st century.

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